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Guten tag, mein liebschen! (Like <blink>—zat is ein guten tag indeed.) Some of you vill recall zat Herr Doktor first graced ze Vorld Vide Veb in ze year 2000, und zen mysteriously fell qviet. If you have been vondering vere I have been zese past few years, vell, I am afraid I cannot share zat information, or mein hosts at Los Alamos vould cut off mein modem, und ozzer assorted dongles. But rest assured zat I have been busy preparing ze future Lessons in Komputing for you to enjoy.* Meanvile, ze old pages are here, und new vuns vill be added as zey arrive.

*Unfortunately, zis all takes time und of course Euros, or 'teuros' as ve Germans call zem, displayink our vicked sense of teutonic vordplay. In fact, your gut friend Herr Doktor is 'strapped for kash', und so vill shortly be convincing mein vebhost to implement ze 'PayPal' button on zis site. 'You Vill Pay!' as ze old Deutsch saying goes. To be precise, you vill pay neunundsiebzig tausend und Zwanzig Dollar (US$79,020), or I am pulling ze plug on ze whole Internet, und zere vill be no more heart-rending bunny funerals for you, nein! Or you could buy me ze new Rammstein CD from mein vishlist. Ze choice is yours.

15 January 2003


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