Mein Arkives

Ask Doktor Komputor
Ze first HTML guide on ze Vorld Vide Veb written in ze amusinkly overblown German accent. [9 March 2000]
Buyink Your Komputor
Vat use is a veb page if you have not ze komputor to see it vith? [13 May 2000]
How to Use Elektronikmail
You may have heard of ze Elektronikmail, but how much do you really know? [17 January 2003]
Increasink Your Elektronikmail Power
Discover ze infinite possibilities of ze Elektronikmail. [29 January 2003]
Flash in ze Pan
Vizout Flash, ze Veb vould be a barren vasteland. [21 March 2003]
Arssk Doktor Komputor
Feedink ze RSS ist easy vith zis instruktiv lesson. [8 April 2004]


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