The Not-What-You-Meant-ary

Bill’s Top 10 Yet-To-Be-Employed Forms of -umentary, with further contributions from loyal readers. Whee!

24 September 2006 · Weblog

Highlights of mine:

Columbo: The Falkumentary.

Nessie: The Lochumentary.

Cousteau: The Jacques-umentary.

On a G String: The Bachumentary.

Kindergarten Art: The Smockumentary.

Giant Mythical Birds: The Rocumentary.

What's Up: The Documentary.

Who: The Doctormentary.

Chariots of the Gods: The Pachacamacumentary.

Three Blind Mice: The Hickorydickorydocumentary.

Hearing Implants: The Cochlearmentary.

Making It Up As We Go Along: The Adhocumentary.

Added by Rory on 9 October 2006.

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