I’m almost at the point where I can start posting some Japan galleries. First I have to write something profound to go with them (your millennia-old culture in fifteen hundred words or less!), but the photos themselves are almost there. Warning: digital camera + multiple-gig storage device + Sensory Overload Land = pile of photos it takes weeks to sort through.

In the Sony Building in Ginza I saw the trailer for The Da Vinci Code on one of their enormous flat-panel HDTVs. It was strangely hypnotic, not for the images themselves but for the samurai voiceover: “da-VEEN-chi KOH-du!” starring “ee-YAHN ma-KELL-ahn!”

Consider this a samurai voiceover for the forthcoming attractions. The following message is brought to you by TO-KYO BIG SIGHTU! in Odaiba:

Do not annoy someone by playing baseball, golf, whatever

(Note the rain. There was a lot of it.)

23 June 2006 · Travel

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