May as Well

The crowd is getting restless, so I’d better write something. (There was that one comment, anyway. And an email. It’s all relative.) I did say there would be more later in the month, and the month won’t get much later than this; but there isn’t really more, yet. I’ve got gigs of photos to sort through and a week of diary entries to finish first. Not to mention the day job.

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It’s that time again... time for the sign that I’ve been too busy to write all those posts I meant to get done (and man, they were real beauts—classics of Blogdern literature), and won’t have a chance again until later in the month. Yes, it’s our old friend the Test Pattern!

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Lone and Level Sands

A couple of sites I’ve been working on since last July have finally gone live, although in both cases most of my work on them finished a while ago. (I should have noted this during yesterday’s Reboot, but that was only a coincidence; and besides, they don’t have any flash.)

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My brother, in an act of extreme musical criticism, once took his recently purchased seven-inch single of Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” and frisbeed it across the lawn and into our hedge, where presumably it’s still standing after all this time.

Given that he was a big Lego fan, I’m sure he’d rather have used the Hammerhead.

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