A Paper Bag Saved My Life

Radiohead Paper Bag

Genuine Radiohead ‘Hail to the Thief’ Paper Bag

The highly sought-after collectable promo tie-in for Radiohead’s third-best studio album since OK Computer, as given away with copies of the album by generous retailers! Suitable for holding CDs, concert tickets, Thom Yorke’s lunch, Jonny Greenwood’s guitar picks, fake plastic trees, dollars and cents, knives, sardines, and air. In immaculate condition apart from a tear near one of the handles and, oh yeah, a few creases because hey, it’s a paper bag. No surprises there, then.

  • Fill it with concrete and use it for weight training to become fitter, happier! (Except the handles might tear off.)
  • Fold it into an origami pyramid! (Not actual size.)
  • Use it to keep everything in its right place!

Guaranteed one of a very large number! I might be wrong, but this could be the best Radiohead paper bag auction ever!

2 April 2006 · Whatever

Hmph. Not a single bid! Not one! You’ll all be sorry when it comes up at Sotheby’s in 2026 and goes for a fortune.

Added by Rory on 10 April 2006.

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