Nine Dinosaurs

A dinosaur sick of old tricks
Decided one day to affix
Some feathers and things
To his forelegs (now wings)
To meet archaeopteryx chicks

A ravenous ol’ allosaurus
If living today would adore us
He’d gobble and munch
On our bodies for lunch
Right after to pieces he tore us

An allosaur rapidly stops
When faced with a triceratops
His bite is forlorn
Against that nasal horn
And those two above are the tops

The plesiosaur was aquatic
And nowadays would seem exotic
Although there are some
Who think Nessie is one
But most believe that’s idiotic

The venomous velociraptor
Bites viciously at any captor
So don’t try to catch
Any one from a batch
Or it’ll write your final chapter

The saurus we once knew as Bronto
Is sick of being T. Rex’s Tonto
He’s changing his name
To attract greater fame
To “Megasaur”—make a note, pronto

Diplodocus plods through the swamp
Its feet in the sod going “tromp”
Don’t stand underneath
Or you’ll soon come to grief
There’s thirty-eight tons in each stomp

The terrifying pterodactyl
Is proof that pterror is fractal
Every part of it’s scary
The whole is nightmarey
And testicles will make retractl

An arthritic ol’ ankylosaur
Couldn’t tolerate life any more
“My knuckles are fine,”
He was heard to opine,
“But blimey, my ankles are sore.”

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Thanks to Paul for the nudge to lift my game on the weak “allosaurus/he saw us” rhyme.

Added by Rory on a Tuesday in August.

Make that ten.

An impatient icthyosaur
Enjoyed the shark flick that ’e saw
’Til just near the end
He turned to a friend
And said, “Let’s go—quick, the back door!”

Added by Rory on a Tuesday in September.