Kid's Drawing

Found by RE in an open air gallery near Holyrood Palace. True, this open air gallery looked suspiciously like the pavement, but judging from the muddy footprints on this work it had clearly drawn a crowd of visitors.

The artist has drawn a vivid portrait of her friend EmiLy, the famous Edinburgh sloth-jockey who always rode side-saddle because of the false leg stapled to her hip. This is a fanciful depiction of EmiLy's dying moments, showing an enormous gunshot wound spreading across her chest just before she tumbles from her hairy steed. In fact, EmiLy actually died of suffocation after her nose and mouth were removed by a plastic surgeon. But we'll forgive our anonymous artist this minor liberty for her bold use of colour and her vigorous, evocative line. Bit worried about the sloth's goiter, though.

July 2003

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