Found in an Attic

Malta pound note

Peruvian 50 soles note

Found in April 2008 in an attic in Polwarth, Edinburgh, in a box of crap stashed under the eaves. A previous owner must have travelled in the late sixties or early seventies, because both of these notes date to then. The Maltese pound was replaced by the lira in 1972 and the euro this year. The last 50 soles note was issued in Peru in 1977, when chronic inflation was eroding the currency's value. The sol was replaced by the inti in 1985 at a rate of a thousand to one, and in turn by the nuevo sol in 1991 at the rate of a million to one. That makes this note worth £0.00000000936 at today's exchange rate (1 Peruvian nuevo sol = 0.18728 British pounds on 8 June 2008).

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