Feed for November 2009

27.11.2009 'Copying isn't going to get harder'
24.11.2009 More railing against Mandelson
23.11.2009 Charlie Stross rails against Mandelson
20.11.2009 Cormac McCarthy on The Road
20.11.2009 In Praise of Fragments
20.11.2009 Cory Doctorow rails against Mandelson
20.11.2009 Moneygami
19.11.2009 The Kings of Convenience pitch up at Pitchfork
12.11.2009 Mandelbulb, the 3D fractal
09.11.2009 The Berlin Wall then and now
09.11.2009 The Lost Border
09.11.2009 Libel tourism could cost the UK dearly
09.11.2009 Consequences of Erudite Vernacular (pdf)
09.11.2009 Shrinky-Dink science
04.11.2009 David Byrne on the Internet then and now
02.11.2009 Curb reunites Seinfeld
01.11.2009 What proper website hav a 140 caracter limit, hem hem?

Feed for October 2009