Feed for May 2005

The D&D Online Alignment Test. At last, an online quiz that answers the questions that matter... to Neutral Good geeks who spent too many teenage weekends rolling dice. [Via the Yeti.]

Where I was yesterday. Sorry for the radio silence—back with more soon.

Brilliant take on Doctor Who in a letter written to the BBC when they were first considering reviving it. (Author Andrew Rilstone’s six-parter on Star Wars is just as good, and he’s got a blog.)

Can’t wait till tomorrow? Share the fun with family, flora and fauna. [Via MeFi.]

Dirkon, the paper camera from Czechoslovakia.

Doune Castle and Dunollie, new at Detail. I didn’t have enough for a new batch of castles, so I tacked them onto the end of the last one.

Kath and Kim starts on BBC2 tomorrow, and the critics are confused already: “Kath and Kim live in Fountain Gate, a fictional Melbourne suburb.... Much of their frustration ... is taken out on their housekeeper, Sharon.”

Feed for April 2005