Feed for April 2004

29.04.2004 The RHINE scale for memetic clue
16.04.2004 And don't miss THE ROBOSNAIL mpeg movies
16.04.2004 THE ROBOSNAIL (scroll down). Thanks, Owen!
15.04.2004 Bruce Sterling: We're going to hell!
14.04.2004 Might as well link Owen's entire post...
14.04.2004 LEGO 5230: Anthony Giddens in his Study. Ages 16-35.
14.04.2004 Meme of the week at Ed's joint
13.04.2004 Dana Countryman's Web Page of Happiness
13.04.2004 The Ultimate Guide to Shooting Rubber Bands
12.04.2004 The myth of web-driven democracy
06.04.2004 Herring & Nessie to go mano a monstro
05.04.2004 Make your laptop 3-D with cellophane
02.04.2004 You utter, utter, utter bar stool
02.04.2004 Today in Prank History (Yesterday)