Panoramas Plus

In catching up on some photo sorting, I’ve realised that I’ve gone a bit panorama-crazy over the past few years. Here are four more widescreen galleries from my travels this year and last:

Next year I’ll focus on some non-panoramic instalments in Detail.

31 December 2018 · Comment

Viking Hoards

I’ve been fascinated by these Nordic ancestors since childhood, and through visits to Sweden, Denmark and Iceland as an adult. Here are a few photos from an exhibition we visited at the end of last year, with some friends in Nottingham. If I’d been more on the ball in January I could have posted them before the exhibition finished, but they’re still worth a look.

30 September 2018 · Comment

Panoramas VIII

My third visit to Sydney in three years meant I could finish off a batch of panoramas of New South Wales, with non-panoramic photos to come, someday.

29 September 2018 · Comment

I’m so used to Rip-Off Britain that it’s reassuring (sort of) to be reminded that my home country can be a rip-off too, especially since the Australian dollar strengthened against the pound. Books are the worst, and this example I saw at Sydney Airport a few weeks ago was the worst of all:

Rip-off book prices in Australia

On 31 August 2018, £8.99 was worth A$16.07. Even if you add 10% GST (payable on books in Australia, unlike British VAT), that’s still only A$17.68—which makes the Sydney Airport price a markup of 126%. It can’t all be the cost of shipping.

27 September 2018 · Comment

Panoramas VII

Time for another gallery in Detail: more panoramas of the Tasman Peninsula, taken in July 2017. Won’t be the last.

20 July 2018 · Comment

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