Halfway to Boiling

Permafrost may thaw far faster than expected.

Halfway to boiling.

The climate reality few dare mention.

The quietest place in America increasingly isn’t.

How music stopped meaning everything.

Skim reading is the new normal.

Let’s all go back to Tumblr.

A self-solving Rubik’s Cube.

Polarization in Poland.

I will not debate you.

Lonely boy. (Via Mefi.)

Maslow derived his hierarchy from Native American beliefs.

27 September 2018

The Whirlyhole

The lost wonders of medieval Britain.

The unfolding catastrophe of Arctic archaeological sites.

Changes in Atlantic circulation could cause global temperatures to surge. Unsurvivable heatwaves could strike the heart of China by 2100. “More carbon has been released into the atmosphere since [1989] than in the entire history of civilization preceding it.” Back to the future.

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Earlier this month, my hometown of Hobart had months’ worth of rain in a single evening. Wild weather floods Tasmania’s southeast. Record rain and flash flooding inundate Hobart. Storm damage at the University of Tasmania. I wonder how many old friends were flooded.

Read More · 31 May 2018

Zone Rouge

The Argentine river that appeared overnight.

France’s silent spring.

The struggle over how to remake Puerto Rico.

Rising sea levels reshape Miami’s housing market.

“Plastic is literally everywhere.” The mutant enzyme that eats it.

Electric buses are affecting oil demand.

Green Belt. Zone Rouge.

26 April 2018