Still Happening, Still Rubbish

Brexit will devastate U.K. manufacturers, who plan to offset it through job cuts.

Don’t expect much Leave regret.

What we’re fighting against.

Motivational posters using tweets about Brexit.

Fifty-two new facts about Brexit.

Eleven Brexit promises the government quietly dropped.

The complete failure of the Brexit project.

The BBC and Brexit bias.

Britain suddenly remembers the Commonwealth.

26 April 2018 · Politics

Push the Button

The Cambridge Analytica whistleblower wanted to create “the NSA’s wet dream”.

Cambridge Analytica is what happens when you privatise military propaganda.

The obscure Canadian tech firm and the Brexit data riddle.

What do we really know about Facebook’s voter button?

How Trump conquered Facebook without Russian ads.

We are missing the point about Facebook.

We already know how to protect ourselves from Facebook.

26 April 2018 · Politics

Zone Rouge

The Argentine river that appeared overnight.

France’s silent spring.

The struggle over how to remake Puerto Rico.

Rising sea levels reshape Miami’s housing market.

“Plastic is literally everywhere.” The mutant enzyme that eats it.

Electric buses are affecting oil demand.

Green Belt. Zone Rouge.

26 April 2018 · Weblog

Topiary Bestiary

Rebuilding a sculpture destroyed by ISIS.

Tim Winton on how young men are being shackled to misogyny.

Molly Ringwald revisits The Breakfast Club.

Have I Got an Excuse For You.

Zombie Simpsons: no brains.

Wakanda shakes the world.

“My son fell over. This is my report.”

Topiary bestiary.

Squares turning into circles.

Old Navy rips off an artist and dares her to sue. Happens all too often, but this is such a blatant example.

26 April 2018 · Weblog

When the Windrush Blows

I was busy over the weekend, so didn’t get the chance to repost this here until today: a post I made to Metafilter on Friday on the news story of the week, which for too many people is the story of the last five years.

Read More · 24 April 2018 · 1 Comment · Politics

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