My Eyes Like Nothing in the Sun

A poetic reflection on the man who’s done more than anyone to set back progress in my home and adopted countries, written post-EU-referendum. More than I would ever actually advocate, but it sure was cathartic to write.

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Achilles and the Tortoise

A paradox noted by Zeno \ Declares that there really can be no \ Winning races we run \ Against those who've begun \ Far ahead of us. Still, what did he know.

The trouble with this time of year is that the closer I seem to get to a time when I can catch up on non-work stuff, the more the moment edges away. So I’m just going to throw a few things out there in an effort to pass the tortoise.

The limerick is a throwaway written for a forum comment at the OEDILF, by the way, which I won’t be able to submit to its main database for fifty to a hundred years, depending on paradoxical chelonians, so here it is.

22 May 2016

The Coming Swarm

A moment of Twitter synchronicity from yesterday.

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