I promised my father-in-law my never-fail sourdough recipe, which is even easier than the one I was using a few months ago because it needs no kneading and actually works better than if you do. Here it is, with the earlier recipe after it.

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1/2 Cup Baking Soda 2 More Cups Flower

How to make an incredibly realistic watermelon cake.

24 January 2016

That first bread recipe needed far too much explanatory detail for a daily-posting blog, but as I add a few more I’ll gloss over the details a bit.

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If I’m going to keep up this daily posting over weekends, I’m going to have to succumb to the inevitable and start food blogging, or more specifically bread blogging, because it’s a big feature of my weekends nowadays.

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Old Dough

It turns out I’m the perfect target audience for Victorian Bakers, having enjoyed The Great British Bake-Off, become a keen home bread-baker, and once spent a year learning about Victorian Britain (1984, the last year you could take Late British History at higher school certificate level in Tasmania). I quite enjoy a bit of food history, too, and visiting National Trust properties, and watching BBC documentaries. So it all comes together nicely, unlike some of the loaves the four bakers on the programme attempted. I’m looking forward to next week’s instalment where they start adulterating their loaves with chalk and alum.

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