Saughton Park, Edinburgh, 29 December 2014
Saughton Park, Edinburgh, 29 December 2014.

A belated Merry Christmas, and a premature Happy New Year. Here’s the winter sun; mouseover for the moon.

With growing children it’s harder than it once was to use this time to write my traditional end-of-year lists, but I’ll try to get a few up before the week is out. I was going to redesign the site for 2015, even port it over to WordPress, but wintry inertia has defeated me so far. Nevertheless, There Will Be Resolutions of an online nature, so pop back sometime to see the snail’s new shell.

31 December 2014 · Site News

Pre-millennial Popular.

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What Do You Call This Place?

The Internet that wasn’t.

A gel that stops bleeding instantly.

Jon Ronson visits the supposedly worst school in America.

Still too relevant: BabaKiueria.

Ayn Rand reviews children’s movies.

How Chan-style anonymous culture shaped #gamergate.

29 December 2014 · Weblog


I’ve taken so many photos at Jupiter Artland over the past few years that one gallery wasn’t enough. This one is art- and architecture-free, featuring instead its changing flora across the seasons.

9 December 2014 · Journal

Oishii Desu!

The astonishing rise of Angela Merkel.

Endlessly quotable interview with Chris Rock.

An immigration lawyer reviews Paddington.

Of ice ages and men.

Black Death in Big Red.

Episode VII Trailer: The George Lucas Special Edition (and the original).

Toilet paper machine.

Shrimp cannon.

6 December 2014 · Weblog

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