Yet More Castles of Scotland

As part of a gradual process of belatedly adding galleries to Detail, here’s a third collection of Scottish castles to add to the ones I made a decade ago. The castles range from the rugged and rural to the urban and urbane, and include a few revisits of old favourites. As someone who grew up in a land where the only castles were bouncy, I can never get enough of the real ones.

28 January 2014 · Site News

Your One-Stop Running-Away-From-Things Shop

Happy new 95.34% of a year. As you can guess, I’ve been busy elsewhere, and that’s likely to be true for a while, so the blog side of things might be quieter than usual in 2014. But I’m keeping the lights on just in case.

In the meantime, here are two clips of people running away, from floods and fireworks.

17 January 2014 · Site News

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