Still writing that report. Here’s a comment I wrote for a recent Metafilter thread about the difficulty nowadays of making a living with food writing. It isn’t about that, but about another field that used to be a big earner for those who made it.

Read More · 11 April 2012

Darkness, une très amusant webcomic (or, more accurately, webbandesdesinee) written and drawn in 26 hours [via Mefi].

Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses. Also: The Kiss. Also: Next Time on Lonny. [Mefi again.]

Box Canvas Print of Paul Ross at Amazon. For the comments.

3 February 2012

Two brilliant and related webcomics: Star Wars age 9 and Alien age 11 [via Mefi]. Makes me once again regret this moment of madness.

31 January 2012

Comics in 2007