The Mayans Were Half-Right

I manage to have lost the last twelve days of 2012 to the flu, even though I got vaccinated a few months ago. I couldn’t even drag myself out of the flat until today (to see The Hobbit; just as satisfying as the others, I thought, at least in 2-D). And I couldn’t get to the computer much because we’ve had a guest sleeping on a couch right next to it. So much for the topical posts and end-of-year lists I wanted to finish the year on.

See you next one...

31 December 2012 · Journal

A Booty of Oaknuts

After the stunning end to The Killing III, your Danish queries answered.

Mitchell and Webb talk about Peep Show Series 8.

Will classic movies ever look the same again?

The case of the missing OED words.

Planning Notices.

The Ballad of John and Yoko as Victorian poster. If only it were real.

How to Avoid Work.

The Sweeping Shadow of a total solar eclipse.

Watching White Wine In the Sun is risky if you’re a long way from family this Christmas.

The last word on Keep Calm and Carry On.

17 December 2012 · Weblog

Technophilia and its Discontents

Invasion of the cyber hustlers.

The website that saved the BBC.

Book-riffling robot reads 250 pages in a minute.

Phase-change memory could soon dethrone flash memory. Will Field-induced polymer electroluminescent lighting dethrone other bulbs?

The Pacific’s digital future.

Internet regulation: A digital cold war?

Why digital freedom matters.

Open access to research can save lives.

17 December 2012 · Weblog

Right Here, Right Now

It’s over five years since I last added anything to In Theory, my repository for old political theory essays. So here are three more, from my halcyon days as a masters student twenty years ago.

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Scottish Sand II

After my latest batch of marking was finally complete and I’d caught up on The Killing, I spent a couple of evenings finishing off yet another web thing started months ago. This new gallery at Detail has the best of my local beach photos from the past few years, or at least the ones without two particular kids in them. Included are a couple of brief glimpses of sunshine from Britain’s rainiest summer in a hundred years, along with some more reliably sunny weather two years ago. More Details to come.

12 December 2012 · Site News

It’s not every day you get a chance to call back to a blog post from a decade ago, and this is the last day like it for a while, so...

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