The Best You Can Be

I signed up to Vox last year, just to see what it was like. Haven’t actually done anything with it, but it means I keep getting their “Vox Talks” emails. Last week’s was an eyeful. After a bit about a Vox blogger whose post had hit number one on Digg and Reddit, they wrote:

We talk a lot about how Vox was created with personal blogging at the top of our minds, and that it’s your friends, family and neighbors who you most often want to write about and write to. But Vox is a community full of incredible stories and storytellers, and this is another example that a personal story can be gripping for thousands of people all over the world. So, Voxers, don’t be afraid to write the occasional story that warms the heart of tens or thousands.

Read More · 1 March 2007

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