Sound and Vision

I meant to do some kind of review catch-up round-up before switching off the lights, but suspect my chance has passed. Still, there’s always time for a quick run-through. My reading has been too sparse and unfinished to mention, but here are some albums worth a plug—recent obsessions only: Badly Drawn Boy’s Born in the U.K. and the Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible (already mentioned); Charlotte Gainsbourg’s 5:55 and Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black (a year late to both); Laidback’s Frequency Delinquency (even older, but it’s great); and the Manic Street Preachers’ Send Away the Tigers, the Chemical Brothers’ We Are the Night, Spoon’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, Interpol’s Our Love to Admire and Midnight Juggernauts’ Dystopia.

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Black Mirrors

They reckon that babies respond to music heard in the womb, and that therefore it’s a good idea to play lots of soothing Bach during pregnancy if you want a gentle and intelligent infant.

Considering what I’ve been listening to these past few months, our child will be an alt-rock addict who swears like a bent Queensland copper in the dock. After all, it’s been my last chance to listen to all those Parental Advisory albums on the lounge-room stereo until the kid is past the angelic stage. After this it’s iPods on the bus until puberty, unless we want our cherub to turn into Chucky. God knows what I’ll do when he or she discovers this site and types everyone’s favourite four letters into that search box.

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Badly Drawn Boy

Badly Drawn Boy at Queen’s Hall on Tuesday.

17 February 2007

Thanks, But No Thanks

Price: £55.82. You Save: £22,923.18 (99%)

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Captive Audience

Hmm, kicking off a new year with an entry about being ill really wasn’t the best plan. All my subsequent ideas for posts have revolved around illness: severity of, duration of, memories of, patheticness during. But when you’ve finally recovered from six days during which you didn’t even leave the flat once, and a further six spent getting back to normal, the last thing you want to do is relive it all in writing. It’s not even like you have a backlog of stuff written during the break, because all you’ve been capable of is reading. And listening to music. And watching DVDs.

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