2006: The Best of the Movies

If 2005 was a quiet year for movie reviewing here, 2006 was virtually mute. It wasn’t for a lack of viewing, though—more a lack of time to write about them. Although I only made it along to the cinema once a month for most of the year, thanks to DVDs I’ve seen six dozen movies, two dozen of which I’d call very good or great; the ones that weren’t didn’t promise much anyway. There were only a few real disappointments: everyone else seemed to adore Little Miss Sunshine and The Squid and the Whale, but I found them merely good; Syriana and Munich were effective at showing what a mess the Middle East is, but that’s hardly a surprise to anyone, and overall they weren’t as great as I’d hoped they would be; and Superman Returns wasn’t really that super.

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Buncha Links

Various links to suit today’s links-hungry lifestyle.

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The Horror...

UK readers, head to the Listen Again page for 28 Acts in 28 Minutes, go to about 14:45, and listen to James’s “Papa Christmas” routine. Great stuff. (This offer expires in a few days, so Act Now!)

Speaking of Africa, one of the BA inflight movies on the way back from Japan was Shooting Dogs, starring John Hurt as a priest caught up in the Rwandan massacre. Talk about a cheery flick to send you off to sleep. Your meal choices today are chicken, fish, and a river of blood and pain.

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Neil Gaiman on Mirrormask [via LMG]. I saw it last year at the Edinburgh Film Festival, and failed to write anything about it here. It’s good. Go and see it.

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