Photos of Edinburgh in completely un-random order, June-October 2006.

29 October 2006 · · Journal

Public Service Announcement

If you’ve been trying to email me over the past month and haven’t had a reply, it might be because there’s some weird stuff going on between my domain name, my ISP and SpamCop, which has meant that I’ve been missing out on quite a few emails since mid-September. Paul and the good folks at toastyhosty have been helping me out, and I’m going to spend some more time trying to get it sorted right now.

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The trouble with having something good at the top of a blog when you don’t have much time for updating is that whatever you bump it with is going to seem worse. So in that spirit: some worse.

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The Beatles’ Discography in Limerick Form

Please Please Me 1963

Please Please MeThe savage young Beatles could play
A whole album of hits in a day.
Please Please Me still pleases
The lads and their squeezes
In Liverpool, oop round are way.

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