Back to the Future

[ 8 Feb 02] The good thing about ploughing through your archives all week is that you come across all sorts of stuff you'd forgotten, like alt.english.usage banter, long emails from the days when you actually answered your email, and half-written chapters from abandoned novels.

There aren't actually too many abandoned novels in my archives; just two. A few ideas and passages from the first ended up elsewhere, but the second has sat neglected for almost six years. On re-reading its meagre twelve hundred words and accompanying outline I can guarantee that it never will be finished, at least not in this form. Not because it's all that bad, but because... well, here, have a look.

Moral: finish novels set in the future before the future arrives. At least it was tongue-in-cheek...

Still, it's a shame I never got to the thrilling end of the chapter where Bain turns up dead in his office with a pencil rammed up his nose.


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