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Thursday 29 March 2001

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Everybody Out!

It's probably a bad sign when friends start to know me as a weblogging navel-gazer:

Rory is discussing one of his favourite subjects: how and why should he blog? Pop over to The Week Link and tell him.

Many thanks to everyone who voted in the poll. The results, carefully tabulated and analysed here at Rory Central, suggested that 1.4% of readers prefer The Week Link, 5.7% would like to see some sort of amalgamation with Walking West, and 92.8% don't give a rat's either way (based on this log's estimated weekly readership with a margin of error +/- 50%).

Which surely suggests it's time to stop worrying about these things so much and just do whatever. Shauna summed it up well in an email:

an amalgamation would be nice, but i like the longer bits of writing ... there's only so many links to wacky stories and nerdy stuff that i can handle. i want to know what the dude behind the site is thinking about and feeling, a list of links leaves me feeling empty and unfulfilled, much like the time i got a pizza and they forgot to put the extra cheese on. in the words of that beaut little aussie mr. p russell-clarke, WHERE'S THE CHEESE? ... what i want from the weblog is the extra toppings—your slant on news or whatever's floating your boat today. more colour! more spark! more words, really. gimme gimme gimme! ... a week is a bloody long time in cyberspace, i demand more! [cracks whip] more, i say!

I've pretty much come to the same conclusion: it's time for one step back and two steps forward. Starting immediately, there'll be a return to a broader style of weblogging at this site, to be maintained indefinitely. Now that I've moved on from the travel-blogging period I should be able to churn out a reasonable synthesis of all my previous weblogging styles. And I'm sick of this brown decor.

I've thought about how I could keep up a sidebar of brief links, but the more I think about it the more I figure it's just not my thing. I even contemplated starting up a weekly-links mailing list to keep that side of it going, but the world has too many mailing lists already. So I'm just going to start mixing it all up again like a regular log. And even if I take a break now and then, I'll keep the log going.

But not here. My apologies—and thanks—to those who have added The Week Link to their links lists, but I'm afraid you'll have to change it. Now in a freshly redesigned and tables-free standards-compliant home—it's the triumphant return of Walking West!

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