Flags of All Nations (that I've visited in the past 12 months)
Walking West


In 2000 my wife's and my lives turned upside down when we left Canberra, Australia, to travel and seek work overseas. Our first call was Madagascar, which we had wanted to visit for years. The lead-up to that trip is recounted in my first weblog, Seven Weeks to Madagascar. Afterwards I posted several pieces to this successor, Walking West, recounting anecdotes from the trip and reflecting on what it all meant—partly as a trial run for a longer travelogue. Here's a short index of those pieces.

First Thoughts
Who Wants to be a Malagasy Millionaire?
The Amazing Changing Banknote
R.E. Phone Home
Bouli Bouli
Dogs of the Third World
Vary Doesn't Vary
The Thirty-Nine Hundred Steps
The Roller-Coaster Ride