Flags of All Nations (that I've visited in the past 12 months)
Walking West

A Weblog of an Incredible Year

In 2000 my wife's and my lives turned upside down when we left Canberra, Australia, to travel and seek work overseas. Over the following months we visited Madagascar, South Africa, the UK, America and Thailand. This log in three parts follows that journey and records my impressions of it, up to a hiatus in Melbourne in early 2001. Learn more about Walking West or just start reading through the archives:

Note that, like most weblogs, entries are in reverse-chronological order within each week. To read them as a continuous narrative, start at the bottom of each page and work up. If you'd rather skip straight to the travel stuff, try this shorter index of Madagascar entries.

For my more recent weblogging efforts, walk over to The Week Link (February-March 2001) and Walking West 3 (March-June 2001).

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