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WW4 has Walked Away

This fourth instalment of Walking West covered my first three months in Edinburgh, Scotland, with various observations and photos of my new home. The story was derailed, as all of us were, by the events of 11 September 2001; my first reactions to those are also here.

August 2001: Headaches; Buying a Flat; Edinburgh Fringe; Unfolding; Movies; Bikes and Food; G4; Touristy; Money.

September 2001: Book Reviews; Furniture Shopping; Positive Feedback; The World Turns Upside Down; War Versus Justice; Railway Mania; A.I.; Hearts Cramped By Fear; So Much For September.

October 2001: Edinburgh Photos; Shout-Outs; Canberra; Life Update; MovableType; Bert and Osama; Radio Four; Patents and Copyright; Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art; Link-Everything Day; Mosaic; Shelves; Book Reviews; Shades of Grey; Blog Doubt; Bus Passes; The Man Who Wasn't There.

November 2001: Are You a Blogaholic?; Lists for 2001; Tacky; This is the Way the Blog Ends.

There was no Walking West 5. For posts from 2002 and later, head to Speedysnail.