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Rory Central

You've found it — the Home of All Things Rory. Where Rory Ewins succumbs to the narcissistic temptations of the Web and plonks a few personal items online for your delectation. (As if The Stand-Up and the rest of this site aren't personal.) Plus my contact details and guestbook.

So far, there's...


Four self-portraits in words and pictures covering a decade. (Okay, so it's one-third-life.) Edited down to the barest details so that I won't cringe with embarrassment when I look at it again next week. (A truncated version was my entry in the 5k Award.)

Call Me Rory

Thoughts on having a particularly unusual name (by Anglo-Australian standards). Of course, now that a certain squillionaire has named his son Rory, we'll see how long that lasts. (The upside is that I might score a visit from him when he types 'Rory' into AltaVista...)

The Purge

An autobiographical piece first posted to The Fray in response to the question, 'What's the stupidest thing you did as a kid?'

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It's not that hard. Go on — you can even sign my guestbook if you like.


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