old postcard

found by r.e.

Found at a market stall in Leuven, Belgium, in April 2002. Since I actually paid €1.25 for it, it isn't strictly 'found', but its age and recycled-ness qualify for me. The postcard is, as far as I can tell, a hand-tinted silver-gelatin photograph. On the back, besides the legend 'Made in France - Fabrique en France', is a Belgian three-cent stamp postmarked 'EDEGEM 26 VIII 1924', an address written in Flemish, and a one-word greeting to 'Francois' over an indecipherable signature.

I don't know what I like more—the strange solarized colours, their unnaturally smooth skin, his red lips and adoring gaze, or her Vulcan nerve pinch.

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