brain pamphlet

found by j.e. and r.e.

Not so much found as endowed, this A5 photocopied pamphlet was handed to us outside Reading's bookstore in Lygon Street, Melbourne, on 15 March 2001, by a normal-looking middle-aged man wearing sunglasses and tidy clothes. This side, with its diagram of various parts of the brain and its enigmatic cursor in the bottom-left corner, is perplexing enough, but the reverse, showing an old 1950 ad for 'Selectomatic Elevators', is even more curious.

What on earth does it mean? I surmised that perhaps it was part of an elaborate psychological experiment to see how people would react to being handed bizarre pamphlets in the street. Our reaction was to go back to get another.

[Update, April 2002: six months later I heard from someone who had collected several of these, all with strange combinations of brain, elevator and radio-wave imagery. He was also able to decipher the man's name, if not his intent.]

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