kids in a bouncy castle

found by j.e.

People throw away the most amazing things. Jane found this lying face-down beside the footpath as we were walking along Southern Road in a Melbourne suburb on the evening of 7 March 2001.

I love it. The boy in the middle looks at first as if he's lying back and relaxing. But we soon realise that he has been caught on film at the moment before the castle bounces him back up again. His face glows with happy expectation.

The girl at his head is also in mid-bounce, but looks as if she is tending to him. In the corner, a concerned young face looks slightly askance. In the background, dancing legs add to the feeling of motion.

The composition and colours make this a bold, lively image. Someone threw it away because a camera strap or shoulder loomed into shot. We've rescued it.

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