3 kinds of meat, 19 days,
1,000,000 maggots, 4956 bytes

Day 1

Bought meat. 'For Science!'

Day 2

Left it in yard next door.

Day 3

Hot meat.

Day 4

Gross. White bits.

Day 5

It rained. Pee-yoo!

Day 6

Nauseating. I wouldn't eat it.

Day 7

Meat soup.

Day 8

The eggs have hatched!

Day 9

The maggots are growing.

Day 10

Meat explosion!

Day 11

Liquidized. The beef has blorped outward.

Day 12

Organic muck.

Day 13

Maggot zoo. But: 'For Science!'

Day 14

Putrid perfection.

Day 15

Rancid residuals. The maggots look healthy.

Day 16

Rubber beef.

Day 17

Lifting it sounds awful.

Day 18

Perspective shot from upwind.

Day 19

The neighbor took it. :(

apologies to stinkymeat