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Not only do I write a weblog, but I also read them: way too many of them. Here, from Z to A, is a selection of logs that take my fancy. They're all worth a look.

The Short Version

The Long Version

The Man. Jeffrey is your one-stop shop for daily web-design news and tips and the occasional insight into his life in New York. He's also the moving force behind A List Apart—another essential stop for web designers.
Neale is a Sydney-sider, iconoclast, weblogger and online-fiction writer. He strenuously denies being a great white shark.
World Wide Jeb
Jeb lives in Sydney and writes funny stuff.
Wombat File
Four intercontinental friends in the US and Australia conduct an intelligent and amusing weblog discussion, little knowing that someone else has now noticed.
What's New Pussycat?
Shauna lives in Canberra, where she works in the web. So did I. Her writing is bright and fun.
Virulent Memes
Graham proves that being stranded in regional Australia is no barrier to a rich and full life of, um, reading web pages. And listening to Mike Oldfield. (Sounds disturbingly familiar.) He's also an editor for Grouse!, which is, and cracks the whip at Records Ad Nauseam, whose contributors include yours truly.
Strange. Mysterious. Amusing. Addictive. Twernt.
I've always found Adam entertaining. Possibly because he's a sarcastic undergraduate studying comp sci and an arts subject, just like I once was (at Stanford, just like I once wasn't). If only I'd built something as impressive as Organizine.
Take the Ride
Adam writes video games in California. Apparently it isn't as fun as it sounds. On the side, he writes these slices of life.
Synthetic Zero
Mitsu hails from Portland, Oregon, home of the 24 Hour Church of Elvis. Which is recommendation enough for me.
Stewart is Canadian, clever, and went to the same college I did a few years after I was there. Philosopher, web worker, and the force behind the 5k competition. His site is currently in temporary retirement, but with any luck will return later in the year.
Biz Stone
There's something about Biz's short, quirky posts that's hard to resist. Another web worker, formerly based in New York, now in LA.
Strange Brew
Alice doesn't post often, but I like her slightly bemused take on things. Another Canadian.
Squirrel Bait
Meghan's log is personal, sometimes depressing, but she writes well. American, again.
Something Awful
Probably the funniest sarcastic weblog I know, although it's not really part of the weblogging community. Lowtax is another American working in the video game industry.
/. isn't part of weblogging at all, though it's often cited as if it is. A huge and at times perplexing bulletin board of IT news and commentary from thousands of hackers and computer industry workers, with a Linux bent.
Jack ponders life, music, and... well, mostly life and music. (Life is music, right?)
Rude Parrot
Unca Rude squawks some fine analysis and criticism of web trends, as well as handing out the occasional web-dev tip and expletive.
Ritalin Junkie
Jean is an American writer with a taste for Batman and Buffy.
Derek is a San Francisco web worker and the generous spirit who gave us the trail-blazing communal and personal story-telling site The Fray.
The Artist Formerly Known as Barbelith. Tom is a Londoner, yet another web worker, and one of weblogging's early stars (by 'early' read '1999').
One Day Soon
James also lives in London, where he's becoming a comedic force to be reckoned with. I had something to do with his entry into weblogging, which he may or may not hold against me. He's also my only real-life friend who logs, has his own domain-name, and all that. The finest man to ever co-write a sketch about leopards and peach slices with yours truly. We also collaborate on Funny Ha Ha, which is kept alive on an iron lung somewhere in the back corners of his site.
Not So Soft
Meg is an anthropologist working in noomeeja in London. She continues her academic exploration of net culture in Under Construction, a group log. Shares a flat with Luke, below.
Nothing, And Lots Of It
Matt is the brains behind MetaFilter. His log's good too.
Mo Morgan
A London log that leans towards the journal end of the spectrum.
Mister Pants
Mister Pants is yet another West coast weblogger, but whose links show something of a Japan fixation. Arigato, MrP!
Ani Moller
Kiwi headed for Texas, dark sarcastic wit, engaged to an Internet Rockstar, always entertaining.
The webloggers' groupmind, created by 'Mathowie'. News and commentary with a broader ambit than /.
More collaborative weblogging, without the distraction of bulletin board commentary.
An Aussie who shares a flat with Meg in London. Luke posts blisteringly often and disturbingly well.
Claire is a Melbourne-based web worker and illustrator with a charming graphic style and disarming writing style.
Little Green Weblog
Charles and Michael, brothers and webdesigners from LA, offer good web tips and thoughts and a range of cycling anecdotes.
One of the better 'linking logs', by Londoner Darren. A good source of comics-related links.
Life As It Happens
Rodney works in London at a comedy website (which one?) and also writes this highly amusing banter (with accompanying journal).
Learning the Lessons of Nixon
Great title, thoughtful journal, from 'cadence90 loyola' of Boston.
Jason (ex-Minneapolis, now SF) writes a good, solid weblog of thoughtful prose and links. His more experimental work is at 0sil8.
Invisible Broadcast System
Jeremy, Sharon and Jonathan collaborate on this log from separate states of the US. Jeremy is an academic who also experiments with fiction on the web.
Matt is a thoughtful UK weblogger with an eye for good links, often tech-related. Also the creator of the fascinating Dirk.
Inflight Correction
Owen gets me thinking in interesting ways more than just about anybody. This log and its companion, Stay Awake, live at The Noodle Incident, while Owen lives near a bell-ringing church Somewhere in North America (visual accompaniment: cows tumbling downhill).
I Hate Music
Tanya demolishes half the records and bands I hold dear. Hilariously.
Lance's San Francisco-based Glassdog Empire is an inspiration to would-be megalomaniacs everywhere.
Paul is an American writer who posts provocative, intelligent work; Ftrain isn't really a weblog, but it's always interesting.
Follow Me Here
Excellent links and commentary from Eliot, a Boston psychiatrist.
Ev is the CEO of Pyra. His log has a lot of thoughts about where the web is going.
An Entirely Other Day
Greg is the Dave Barry of the web, except he lives in the Bay, not Miami. He retired from daily posting on 17 May 2001, but don't let that stop you from exploring the archives.
Dr Mabuse's House of Fun
The erudite and insightful Ed takes no prisoners in his posts about the web and the world. His regular rants live here, while his occasional rants live at edrants.
Days of Naze
Christopher from the Pacific Northwest once posted longer pieces and is now experimenting with weblogging to equally fine effect.
Greg is an Australian philosopher living in Sydney. A rare weblog written by a practising academic.
San Francisco-based web worker currently writing a science fiction novel. Judging from her log it'll be well worth reading.
Captain Cursor
Another San Franciscan, Taylor once worked at HotWired. He posts infrequently at times, but his comments on the web industry are worthwhile.
Alison in Houston writes well (fortunately, seeing she's an English major), eschews capital letters, and designs a mean page.
As Above
Kevan's is another fine British weblog, this time hailing from East Sussex.

28 March 2001
Modified 25 May 2001

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