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Wreturn of the Wrondo

Date: Fri Jun 13 09:42:52 1997
Subject: Wreturn of the Wrondo

In my mind there is still confusion about the name - sorry to warm up that diskussion, but a neighbour had the idea about the name, than when the title was writtend down for the records there might be a logo or charakter or anything like that before the two words, which caused someone to type the "W"s in front of them.

What's (w)rong with the idea that it's meant to be a joke? (W)riting 'w's before the name makes it into something quirky, instead of being a boring two-word description of the type of song it is: a rondo played on a recorder. It's a cute, jaunty little tune, so a cute, jokey little name fits it well. Anyway, that description doesn't explain the 'k' ('Rekorder Rondo'? Reminds me of the early-70s alternative-culture spelling of 'Amerika').

So the right name would be "Recorder Rondo", which sounds much better to me than the rest. :)

There is no wright name. As David Porter has said here (more than once), it's ritten in various ways on the tape box, wrecording sheet, and on the wrecord labels of different wreleases.

As a wise member of this list once said (off the list, to me), 'Wrecckquorder Wrohndoeh is my spelling, and I'm sticking to it'. Aye to that.



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