The Twisted Bell

Radio Mike

Date: Tue May 13 16:29:44 1997
Subject: Re: Ommadawn on the radio

Yesterday at 9.25pm, radio RTBF1 in Belgium played the whole Ommadawn Part 1 ! Seldom enough to be mentioned isn't it.

That's nothin'!

In 1988 I played the whole of Ommadawn during an appearance as guest co-host of the Togatus Radio Show (named after the University of Tasmania's student magazine) on community radio THE-FM in Hobart.

Only one problem: the show went for only half an hour, and the host wanted to play some other songs too.

No sweat. I just made a tape of a high-speed CD search through the entire album and played that, making up a running commentary as I went along ('and here we have the sound of sixty overdubbed guitars, sounding just a bit like Pink Floyd... and that should be over just about nnnnnnnow').

A great show-closer, if I do say so myself.

The Twisted Bell

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