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Frivolous Postings to Amarok

[Intended to introduce a section of the old Amarok site that never went online.]

Hello. I suppose you all think that nothing much is happening at the moment. That's probably because you're still using a MacPlus with an old copy of Mosaic to surf the Web, and it's taken you fifteen minutes to get this far since clicking on the link. But if you've got the time, why not pop one of Mike's lengthier compositions into your CD-player, press 'play', and settle down to read the pick of the postings to the Amarok list, where we like to liven up our extended bouts of hero-worship, trainspotterish Q&As, and argument about the lyrics to 'On Horseback' (or, as we prefer to call it, 'The Song That Shall Not Be Named') with an occasional chuckle, snicker, or guffaw -- sometimes (gasp!) at our hero's expense.

Gathered here are the funniest moments from Amarok, the list. (I assume you already know the funniest moments from Amarok, the album -- or else I've really blown it with that opening gag.) Also included are a couple of private postings between list-members, for no better reason than they make me laugh. All postings here were to the list, unless otherwise noted.

You may, of course, not find everything here particularly funny. Or you may be wondering why that side-splitting one-liner you saw last year isn't here. Well, humour is a subjective beast, and right now I'm the one cleaning up after it. What you see here is a personal selection from my own list archives, which go back to early 1993 (not long after the list itself -- or its predecessor, at least -- made its first appearance). That may be why my name appears with disturbing regularity...

So sit back, relax, let the strains of 'Taurus II' wash over you (what do you mean, you're listening to 'Earth Moving'? For shame!), and click to your heart's content on the topics below. And if your name happens to be Mike Oldfield, rest assured that We Didn't Mean It.

Rory Ewins
30 May 1997

The Twisted Bell

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