The Twisted Bell

Rory and the BellRory Ewins Exposed

This 1996 bio originally lived at the old Amarok site.


Name: Rory Ewins.

Born: 1968.

Place of Origin: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Land of Oldfield. Ho ho ho.

Occupation [in 1996]: Research Assistant. Also a freelance writer and cartoonist.

Hobbies/Interests: Writing, cartooning, photography, books, films, music, travel, life.

Other Musicians: From ALT to Frank Zappa, by way of the Beatles, Big Country, Clouds, Crowded House, House of Love, Luna, Midnight Oil, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, Split Enz, Sunscreem, U2, Underground Lovers, You Am I, and a whole swag of indie Britpop, with a dash of Brahms, Beethoven, Sibelius, and Rachmaninov when I'm in a classical mood.

My Story: It was 1983, and I was 15 and staying over at my mate Stuart's place for an extended weekend of Dungeons and Dragons (yep, I was that kind of 15-year-old) with his big brother Andrew acting as Dungeon Master. After having Demogorgon polymorph us into specks of dust and then spit on us to turn us into mud, Andrew played us a tape of an album he thought we might like. We sat there for a while listening to a reasonably intriguing instrumental intro which sounded rather acoustic guitarish, which wasn't too bad. Just as we were getting used to it the speakers exploded, or at least seemed to, as an electric guitar solo which had been lurking in the background burst onto centre stage. Stuart and I, both budding heavy-metal fans enamoured of the occasional loud guitar noise, went 'What the f--- was that?' and were instantly hooked. The next week I bought a tape of "Five Miles Out", ordered a copy of "Tubular Bells" from the World Record Club, and begged Andrew to make me a tape of that really cool album with the funny name. If you can't guess what it was yet, you haven't listened to enough Mike Oldfield...

The Twisted Bell

©2001 Rory Ewins