Wayne's World II

USA, 1993. Director: Penelope Spheeris. Stars: Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Tia Carrere, Christopher Walken.

Perhaps it was a mistake to watch it directly after Reservoir Dogs, but I'm afraid Wayne's World II didn't strike me as a cinema classic (Reservoir Dogs—now that's a different story). But then I wasn't really expecting Citizen Wayne; and if you aren't either, you should enjoy this second outing from the world's oldest teenagers. After all, the plot hasn't changed much. In II (as we in the biz call it), Wayne and Garth struggle to put on a monster rock concert while Wayne worries that his girlfriend Cassandra is being seduced by a hip record producer (Christopher Walken in the performance of a lifetime—not). (There we are, that takes care of the compulsory humorous use of the word "not" required by law in any review of a Wayne's World film.) Meanwhile, Garth gets a bigger part (because Dana Carvey threatened to walk off the film if Mike Myers didn't rewrite the script), and we get the usual mix of okay jokes and some hilarious ones. Perhaps it's not quite as fresh as the first, or perhaps there are too many references to other films (make sure you go with someone who's seen The Doors)—or perhaps I'm nit-picking. What the hell, it's free, so go and see it. As long as you go and see Reservoir Dogs next week as well.


First published in a reviews booklet of the ANU Film Group.
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