Roget's International Thesaurus

4th edition, by lots of people, Collins Books

One of the best perks about Togatus (and the one which I'm going to miss the most, besides the pay), is that book publishers send us regular books to review. However, sometimes they must get their wires crossed a bit, because I don't have the foggiest how one could seriously review a thesaurus (dictionary 605.7; word list 88.4).

After all, you can't read the entire thing for starters. And even if you do look at bits to see how good the various synonyms are, how can you judge it overall? I looked up "Rory" and it wasn't even in there! "Tog" was in there but it was related to clothes. Lots of other words were in there too but I won't bore you with a complete list.

In fact I don't really know why you would want to buy this book (publication 559.1; volume 605). It's a large paperback so it'll probably fall apart under constant use. It's twenty bucks. And it's a reprint of the 1977 4th edition, at a time when one of the other big publishers has just released a new edition in paperback at several dollars less.

However, I didn't own a decent Thesaurus so I figured I should review this one and get it for free. So I have. The End (remainder 43.1; result 154.2; termination 70).


First published in Togatus, 3 November 1988.
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