Crouching Tiger, O Brother

A comparison of two films I've seen recently. Since everybody else seems to be reviewing them in depth, here's the Cliff Notes version:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonO Brother, Where Art Thou?
Based on an ancient Chinese legendBased on an ancient Greek legend
Directed by quirky film-maker Ang LeeDirected by quirky film-maker Joel Coen
Stars action hero Chow Yun FatStars action hero George Clooney
Amazing vistas of Chinese landscapeAmazing vistas of Dapper Dan hair gel
Breathtaking kung fu scenesBreathtaking banjo pluckin'
Floating fighters were a little unbelievableSirens were a little unbelievable
Really quite wonderfulNot quite as wonderful as usual

I much preferred The Big Lebowski to O Brother, even though most critics bagged it. In fact, I think Lebowski may be my favorite Coen brothers film—which given they also made Barton Fink and Fargo is saying something.


First published in Walking West, 18 January 2001.
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