A personal site is hardly personal if there's nothing about the person on it—so here you go.

My name is Rory Ewins. I was born and raised in Tasmania, Australia, and spent several years in the national capital of Canberra. I've also lived in the US, New Zealand and England. Nowadays I live with my wife Jane in Edinburgh, where I work in the Scottish Centre for Research into On-Line Learning and Assessment.

I spent close to a decade in universities picking up a string of letters after my name, and have had various academic and related jobs over the years. My graduate studies were on political theory and Pacific islands politics, but these days I work on net-related issues. I've also written a novel, drawn a lot of cartoons, performed a bit of comedy, travelled in five continents, and built a lot of web pages. My main online hangout over the past few years has been Metafilter.

So much for the basics. If you're wanting to do the full Freudian mind-probe, try these brief reminiscences:

Call Me Rory: On having an unusual name.

The Purge: The stupidest thing I did as a kid.

Trimming the Tree: On Christmas trees, hedges, and the local tip.

Dover Bay: A piece from 1990, remembering Tasmania just before I left it.

The Fade: On leaving home.

And while you're here, why not see the previous design of this page?

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