fairly argumentative questions

what is speedysnail?

It's pretty obvious: Speedysnail is a personal website, run by a personal person.

so what's here?

Cartoons, writings, entertainment.

and just who are you?

All of your probing personal questions will be answered at Rory Central.

where's your links page?

If it's links you want, you'll be wanting my weblog, Walking West.

what's this I hear about standards?

Valid XHTML 1.0!This entire site is written in XHTML 1.0 and CSS 1 (with a couple of archived exceptions), and has been since February 2000—Be the First Kid on Your Block.

In February 2001 I joined the Web Standards Project's Browser Upgrade Campaign, which is why these pages look pretty ordinary in a browser that's more than a couple of years old.

do you have any irritating animated banners i can use for linking to you?



Here's the code for the link:

<a href="http://speedysnail.com/" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;" onmouseover="window.status='speedysnail.com: cartoons, comedy, and more'; return true;"><img src="speedybnr3.gif" alt="speedysnail.com: cartoons, comedy and more" height="80" width="400" border="0" /></a>

Don't forget to change the path for the image to wherever you put it. If you actually use this on your site, give me a yell, and I'll find some way to reciprocate.

i want more—more, i tell you, more!

Okay, okay. How about one of these pics for your desktop. Sorry, no snails.

Canberra Clouds

Meringo Beach

Dawn Sky from the Air

These desktop images may be copied for your personal use. Please don't distribute them without permission—send your friends here to get them instead, and win my eternal gratitude. (Well, about thirty seconds' worth, anyway.)

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