Grinding Noises


All of this agonising by webloggers about what to call what we are doing makes me wonder, did Captain Cook's ship's log look like this?

30 January 1770

Sailed along the Terra Australis coast today. Reminded me of the south coast of Wales. Note to self: suggest colony be called 'South Wales II: The Quickening'.

31 January 1770

Noticed the Natives waving their spears in a friendly manner. Couldn't quite make out what they were saying, but Banks said it sounded like 'Please come and take all of our land, you fine upstanding English chaps'.

2 February 1770

No entry yesterday. I'll never make the top position of Bloatte at this rate.

3 February 1770

Banks's log looks much better than mine. Must learn how to use EngravoShop.

5 February 1770

Is this a ship's log? Other people have been calling it one, but I'm not sure. I just think of it as a place where I write about stuff.

6 February 1770

No crew-members died of scurvy today. Woohoo!

(Yes, well. Ahem.)

First posted to Seven Weeks to Madagascar, 20 June 2000.

18 May 2001
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