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Book Typesetting Licenses Available from Gutenberg Inc.

Because demand for type-related technology by book developers continues to grow, Gutenberg Inc. wants to make obtaining a license for book-based use of the typesetting technology as easy and as straightforward as possible. Gutenberg Inc. therefore announces a new way for operators of certain types of books to obtain a typesetting license.

If you are the operator of an unpublished or published book (see detailed definitions) and use the types of images covered by the typesetting patent, you qualify.

Types of images covered

Serif, sans serif or other typesetting formats used in connection with the creation, operation or maintenance of a book.

Why is Gutenberg Inc. taking this step?

Use of the book has grown faster than almost any other technology in history—and faster than anyone anticipated even five hundred years ago, when scribes mostly handled simple manuscript reproduction. Organizations around the world are making a significant investment in their book presence. Many use typesetting technology developed and patented by Gutenberg Inc. over 500 years ago. Nearly 2,000 companies and governmental agencies, both large and small, have already taken licenses under the Gutenberg Inc. typesetting patent.

Some operators of published and unpublished books have had difficulty determining whether they need a license from Gutenberg Inc. for use of our typesetting patented technology. If you use any of the types of formats specified above in your book that you received from an unlicensed book developer or service, you should have a license from Gutenberg Inc. to use the typesetting patent. Or even if the developer or service provider has a license, but it doesn't cover your use of the particular application you received, you should have a license from Gutenberg Inc. to use the typesetting patent.

How do you get a published or unpublished book license?

A one-time payment of $5,000.00 U.S. for each license agreement (limited to two presses at each licensed book publisher). Or a single payment of $7,500 U.S. for a license for both published and unpublished books. Copies of one or both of these license agreements may be obtained by contacting Gutenberg Inc.

Why should you get a typesetting book site license?

You'll be able to deal with any vendors, developers, services or bookmasters whether they have a typesetting license agreement from Gutenberg Inc. or not. You won't have to go to the trouble of verifying that each vendor is licensed by Gutenberg Inc.


29 November 1999
written 30 August 1999
©1999 Rory Ewins