Feed for July 2010

29.07.2010 Alkan's Allegro Barbaro is both
28.07.2010 Jonathan Franzen on hard-to-read books
26.07.2010 Jay Rosen on the Wikileaks leak
26.07.2010 Pilot ejects, jet crashes, photographer snaps
24.07.2010 We're still fighting 1841's copyright battles
21.07.2010 'I still like whales.'
19.07.2010 Cheat Sheets
19.07.2010 19 in 20 academics rank their work above average
17.07.2010 Old masters and mistaken identities
17.07.2010 The rise of food writing
16.07.2010 My screen done broke
15.07.2010 Andes sunset eclipse
15.07.2010 The Creativity Crisis
15.07.2010 Easter Island eclipse
15.07.2010 Seeing isn't believing
14.07.2010 Beat-mining with the Vinyl Hoover
13.07.2010 How facts backfire
12.07.2010 How to make a shooter's sandwich
10.07.2010 My name is John Daker
08.07.2010 The Jenga Tower of Pisa
07.07.2010 Living with the enemy in Rwanda
07.07.2010 Total Recall: The Musical
06.07.2010 How speculators starved the poor
05.07.2010 Double rainbow, oh my god!
05.07.2010 On interviewing
05.07.2010 Cat Lassie

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