Feed for July 2008

30.07.2008 Write rhymes
30.07.2008 Orwell's diaries as a blog
28.07.2008 WarGames: a look back
28.07.2008 Stanley Kubrick's boxes
23.07.2008 Knol
22.07.2008 A memory of the Nineteen-Nineties
21.07.2008 That was the year that wasn't
19.07.2008 Guardian: On political hypocrisy
19.07.2008 Guardian: Ian McEwan on apocalyptic thinking
19.07.2008 Guardian: Emily Gravett, great children's illustrator
18.07.2008 Delia Derbyshire
18.07.2008 Lost tapes of the Dr Who composer
18.07.2008 Rats laugh when you tickle them
17.07.2008 Save Bat Segundo!
17.07.2008 Handy tiled backgrounds designer
16.07.2008 The perfect chocolate chip cookie?
16.07.2008 Copyright term and the public domain in the United States
16.07.2008 The difficulty of determining copyright status
14.07.2008 The best Aussie albums?
11.07.2008 I'm not here to make friends!
11.07.2008 Oldest known recording of computer music
11.07.2008 Abandoned cities
09.07.2008 Madagascar recipes
09.07.2008 Mirror prank on German TV
08.07.2008 UK tax-exempt heritage assets you can visit
08.07.2008 Guardian: Last flight of the honeybee?
08.07.2008 Guardian: The science of fun
08.07.2008 Guardian: I was attacked by a big cat
08.07.2008 Word clouds
08.07.2008 Spoon session at Daytrotter
04.07.2008 Export your comments at MeFi
04.07.2008 The Third Chapter of Accidents
04.07.2008 The Book of Accidents
02.07.2008 That MeFi Boing Boing thread
01.07.2008 Found under the stairs
01.07.2008 Picked up a copy of this oddity for a pound