Feed for November 2007

30.11.2007 A big list of sites that teach you how to do stuff
30.11.2007 Steampunk custom laptops
29.11.2007 The Register interviews Adam Curtis, part two
29.11.2007 The Register interviews Adam Curtis
27.11.2007 A Hollywood writer on the strike
27.11.2007 Undercover restorers fix Paris landmark's clock
26.11.2007 Charlie Stross on commoditizing our future
26.11.2007 20,000 pounds of sodium dumped in a lake
22.11.2007 Unspeak
22.11.2007 Next time, what say we boil a consultant
22.11.2007 Steven Poole on the Kindle
22.11.2007 dawdlr
22.11.2007 Rolling Stone interviews William Gibson
20.11.2007 Is blogging a dying art?
20.11.2007 How will you ride the slide?
20.11.2007 Kids' laptops
19.11.2007 The death of e-mail
19.11.2007 Google is trying to take over the world
19.11.2007 Steven Levy on the Kindle
14.11.2007 Teach yourself flint-knapping
11.11.2007 UK photographers' rights
09.11.2007 Torture's long shadow
09.11.2007 Sculpture's long shadow
06.11.2007 Impostor Syndrome
05.11.2007 Digitization and its discontents
02.11.2007 spEak You're bRanes

Feed for October 2007